Frasta Education Training Center (FETC) is an Institute of Education and Training under the auspices of PT Indonesian Survey Frasta based in Yogyakarta. FETC formed since the date of October 17, 2011 with certificate number of permits from the Department of Labor and Social Affairs No.:SER.25/III/2012.
FETC establishment is to balance the ability of HR to business development in the world the better the mapping survey in PT FSI, to educate the public in general and to the development of technology in the field survey.
With a management team that has Competencies Professionalism and commitment of any services, FETC will be able to provide services and services in the field of quality education and training to achieve the common goal of both FETC and its Partners.

FETC in early 2013 has been integrated with PT.Eroksa Graha Teknika to merge into three business units surveying and mapping in the present and in general engineering in the future, namely : Technology-Human Resources-Training Center(ENT).

Being in the field of human resources development center Geodesy and Geomatics largest international reliable

1. Build a professional educational organization
2. Provide the best service to its partners.
3. A good cooperation with companies that need survey and mapping services.
4. Increase competency management team.
5. Develop applied science and technology education in the field survey.

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