EROKSA provides aerial photo mapping services using drones, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Photogrametry Mapping. This technology is very useful for mapping areas that are inaccessible due to the location of areas that are difficult to access or to complement terrestrial mapping. Type of aircraft used by fixed wing autopilot system technology so it can fly according outline plan to fly, ground control to see the UAV flight and realtime position and to process image georegistration, telemetry system as  video data and the position of the UAV, as well as prevention and safety procedures when aircraft take off, the air, and landing.

Implementation UAV Photogrametry
1.   Mapping and inaccessible areas pematauan
2.   Monitoring spatial and land use
3.   development planning
4.   Monitoring environmental damage
5.   Monitoring areas IUP
6.   Calculation of the mining area
7.   Monitoring the volume of overburden and mine Goods
8.   Calculation of plantation area
9.   Census tree for palm plantations
10.   Monitoring company assets and facilities
11.   Data support / upadate to existing GIS system

Output UAV Photogrametry
1.   Semi Map control
2.   Outline map
3.   Thematic maps
4.   Census Trees
5.   3D Point Cloud
6.   Contour map of the DSM (digital surface model)

advantages using UAV technology
1.   High Scale mapping (1:1000 to 1:500 vertical)
2.   Low cost (Compared with different tech, same result)
3.   Quick Delivery (Acquisition, processing, and charting) - 3000 ha on 2 weeks
4.   UAV mapping system Prevent the hazard (Failsave system, tough materials, battery power, push propeller)